For the endocrine system


Pomegranate is the natural vitamin for women

Pomegranate is the “natural vitamin for women before and after giving birth”. It sorts out female hormones so it is recommended in particular before conception and during pregnancy. With its outstanding antioxidant content it slows down the ageing process and can even restore damaged DNA. Its active agents protect the liver and kidney from toxins and it helps patients fight against tumours.




Would you like a spoonful of sunlight on a cold winter day?

The tubers contain starch, proteins, fats, amino-acids, saponins, vitamins and 31 different trace elements. The best DHEA hormone source from which progesterone of the same chemical structure as the progesterone produced by the human body can be extracted, so it can help balance your hormones. Yam tubers have been used in traditional medicine for centuries in treating gynaecological problems, easing spasms and alleviating inflammations. It fortifies the gallbladder, the lungs, the kidneys and has a diuretic effect. Even age-old Chinese books on herbs note that it is good to the skin and hair, making them more beautiful. It stimulates glands of internal secretion and reduces blood sugar. In one survey the Taipei Medical University identified its rejuvenating effect.



Premium Aguaje

Miracle fruit for women

100% from the Amazonian rainforests of Peru.
Peruvian Indians have used the fruit of buriti palm trees for hundreds of years for it is being a miracle fruit for women.
Nutrients in Premium Aguaje help balance.

Aguaje is extremely rich in phytoestrogens.

Cordyceps Instant


It has been widely used to treat symptoms of respiratory diseases, anemia, joint pain, depression and fatigue for centiries in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine.