Vegan – Paleo – GMO Free

What are we doing?

We concentrate the freshly picked, hand-selected, chemical-free fruits and vegetables into crystals to preserve all the beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

What else can you find here?

Healthy powders, medicinal mushrooms, superfoods in premium quality.

Who we recommend it to?

There are products for children, adults, men, women, for everyone.

Are the products vegan?

Yes, all except Koll-Maxx.

our recommendations

A super-concentrate for a strong immune system


A super-concentrate for alleviating chronic inflammation


A super-concentrate for strong and flexible joints


Super concentrate for women’s health


We help you find what you are looking for

Boost your immune system

We collected all the best fruit crystals, veggie crystals, fungi and powders that will boost your immune system. Check them out by clicking the Immune booster button below:

For the babies and mommies

We gathered all the best fruit crystals and powders that both mommy and her baby love. They are ideal before, during and after pregnancy. Check them out by clicking the button below:

For athletes

Sports are a part of a healthy lifestyle, however, physical activities take thier toll on the body. In our sortiment FOR ATHLETES we attempted to help the body recover faster using Lifebuoy Extra. We recommend you take Koll-Maxx to strengthen your joints. To restore minerals used up during training. There are many other products in this collection that both amature and professional athlete can equally benefit from. Check them out by clicking the FOR ATHLETES button below.


Here you may find products that will help balance out your endocrine (hormonal) system. Yam, Aguaje and Pomegranate help with hormonal issues.

Click on the ENDOCRINE SYSTEM button below to find out more about our products.


 This category includes wonderful products such as Lifebuoy, Matcha and Kale that are very helpful when you are on a special diet, whether you want to lose weight or detoxify your body. Check out all of our goodies by clicking DETOXIFICATION below.

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Fruit Crystals

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