The Pioneering Technology

Step 1

Sourcing the ingredients: all fruits and vegetables coming to our factory have to be chemical-free and locally produced when possible. We receive the freshly picked produce directly from the farms /with the quickest transit time /in order to reduce the transit time as much as possible.

Step 2

All fruits and vegetables are carefully selected and washed.

Step 3

The raw produce is cut then strained through a very fine filter. The liquid then goes through a process using a special high-pressure technology and low temperature. This liquid is in a 8 to 10 times more concentrated form now.

Step 4

The concentrated liquid is dried using a low-temperature vacuum technology. Crystal blocks are formed where low-temperature ensures their a raw form.

Step 5

The crystal blocks are grinded on cold temperature.

Step 6

The packaging process: the crystals are packed in glass jars, using environment-friendly labels and packaging.

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